Dr. Vladimir Lysenko is the famous Russian traveller (mainly rafter on the mountain rivers).

The information about Lysenko’s record achievements:


(I) During 1990-1992 (additionally 1996) Vladimir became the first man all over the world, who had rafted down all fourteen more-than-8,000-meters peaks over the world. There is the list of rivers rafted by him from all more-than-8,000meters peaks:

No. Mountain Rivers
1 Everest (8848 m) a) Lobuche Khola, Imja Khola, Dudh-Kosi, Sun-Kosi, Sapt-Kosi (Nepal)
b) Rong Chu, Phung Chu (China), Arun, Sapt-Kosi (Nepal)
2 K-2(Qogir) (8611 m) a) Braldu, Shigar, Indus (Pakistan)
b) Chogir(K-2), Shaksgam, Yarkand (China)
3 Kangchenjunga (8586 m) a) Tamur (Nepal)
b) Tista (India)
4 Lhotse (8516 m) Imja Khola, Dudh-Kosi, Sun-Kosi (Nepal)
5 Makalu (8463 m) Barun, Arun (Nepal)
6 Cho Oyu (8201m) Dudh-Kosi, Sun-Kosi (Nepal)
7 Dhaulagiri (8167 m) a) Myagdi, Kali Gandaki (Nepal)
b) Rahughat Khola, Trisuli (Nepal)
8 Manaslu (8156 m) a) Buri Gandaki, Trisuli (Nepal)
b) Marsyangdi, Trisuli (Nepal)
9 Nanga Parbat (8125 m) Bunar, Indus (Pakistan)
10 Annapurna (8091 m) a) Marsyangdi, Trisuli (Nepal)
b) Modi, Kali Gandaki (Nepal)
c) Kali Gandaki (Nepal)
11 Gasherbrum-1 (8068 m) a) Braldu, Shigar, Indus (Pakistan) +
12 Broad Peak (8049 m) + b) Shaksgam, Yarkand (China)
13 Gasherbrum-2 (8035 m)
14 Shisha Pangma (8013 m) Bhote-Kosi, Sun-Kosi (Nepal)

(II) Then during 1991, 1993-1995 (additionally 1996) Lysenko became the first man all over the world, who had rafted down the highest peaks of all continents (excluding Antarctic, where are not rivers) and Oceania (instead of Antarctic). There is the list of rivers rafted by him from the highest peaks of all continents and Oceania:

No. Continent Mountain Rivers
1 Asia Everest (8848m) a)Lobuche Khola, Imja Khola, Dudh-Kosi, Sun-Kosi, Sapt-Kosi (Nepal)
b)Rong Chu, Phung Chu (China), Arun, Sapt-Kosi (Nepal)
2 South America Aconcagua (6960 m) Orcones, Las Cuevas, Mendosa (Argentina)
3 North America McKinley (6194 m) McKinley, Kantishna (USA)
4 Africa Kilimanjaro (5896 m) Karanga (Tanzania)
5 Europe Elbrus (5642 m)
Mont Blanc (4807 m)
Baksan; Kuban (Russia)
Dora Baltea (Italy)
6 Australia Kosciusko (2230 m) Snowy (Australia)
7 Oceania Jaya (5030 m) Kemabu, Darewo (Indonesia)

(III) In April-May 1991, during the rafting down Mt.Everest in Nepal on the Lobuche Khola, Imja Khola, Dudh-Kosi, Sun-Kosi and Sapt-Kosi Rivers, Vladimir had achieved new world’s record of height difference during a rafting - 4,500m (he had started to raft from Dughla on the Khumbu Glacier at the height of 4,600m and had finished in Chatara at the height of 100m).

(IV) And, at last, in September 1996 Dr.Lysenko have beaten the Guinness-Book record of high-altitude rafting (the previous record belonged to Mike-Jones team from England - rafting down Mt.Everest in Nepal in September 1976 from the height of 5,334m) - Lysenko had started to raft down Mt.Everest on Rongbuk Glacier in Tibet on the Eastern Rong Chu River from the height of 5,600m.

Circumnavigation in a car

Beginning from September 1997 (till August 2002), Lysenko made the ROUND-THE-WORLD CAR TOUR and had crossed 62 countries:

(1)USA, (2)Canada, (3)Mexico,(4)Guatemala, (5)Salvador, (6)Honduras, (7)Nicaragua, (8)Costa Rica, (9)Panama. (10)Colombia, (11)Ecuador, (12)Peru, (13)Chile, (14)Argentina, (15)South Africa, (16)Zimbabwe, (17)Zambia, (18)Tanzania, (19)Kenya, (20)Uganda, (21)Ethiopia, (22)Sudan, (23)Egypt, (24)Libya, (25)Tunis, (26)Italy, (27)Portugal, (28)Spain, (29)France, (30)Belgium, (31)Luxemburg, (32)Germany, (33)Czech Republic, (34)Slovakia, (35)Ukraine, (36)Russia, (37)Mongolia, (38)Australia, (39)Indonesia, (40)Malaysia, (41)Thailand, (42)Myanmar, (43)Bangladesh, (44)India, (45)Nepal, (46)China, (47)Kazakhstan, (48)Kirghizia, (49)Uzbekistan, (50)Tadjikistan, (51)Moldavia, (52)Byelorussia, (53)Finland, (54)Norway, (55)Algeria, (56)Mali, (57)Guinea, (58)Senegal, (59)Bolivia, (60)Paraguay, (61)Uruguay, (62)Brazil.

Vladimir made the extraordinary Round-the-world car tour and have crossed all continents from-and-to their extreme points, which it is possible to reach in a car. He had crossed: (a)America from Pradho Bay (Arctic Ocean, Alaska, USA) to Fiery Land island (Lapataia, Argentina), (b)Africa from Aghulas Cape (South Africa, the southest point of Africa) to Ras-Angela Cape (Tunis, the northest point of Africa), (c)Europe&Asia from Roca Cape (Portugal, the westernest point of Europe) to Galimiy (Russia, the easternest point of Asia, which it is possible to reach in a car) and Magadan, (d)Australia from Cape Byron (the easternest point of Australia) to Steep Point (the westernest point). Then, additionally to Round-the-world trip, Lysenko have crossed also Australia from Cape York (the northest point) to South Point (the southest point), Indonesia (Island Jawa) and Europe&Asia from Cape Piai (Malaysia, the southest point of Asia) to Cape Nordkap (Norway, the northest point of Europe and the northest point of Europe&Asia, which it is possible to reach in a car), have crossed Africa in a westerly direction from Somali to Cape Almadi (Senegal, the westernest point of Africa) and North & South America from the west to the east - from Anchor Bay (Alaska) to Sent Johns (Canada) and from Cape Parinyas (Peru, the easternest point of South America) to Cape Cabu-Branku (Brazil, the easternest point of America). Total length of route is 160,000 kilometers.

The path of Gold Rush

In 2003, Lysenko duplicated the path of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897–1898, travelling by foot and kayak.

Project "From Earth's Bowels to Stratosphere"

In his project titled "From Earth's bowels to stratosphere", Lysenko descended (in 2004) to the bottom of the world's deepest mine, the Mponeng Gold Mine in Carletonville (South Africa), a depth of 3.4615 kilometers (2.1509 mi) below ground. Then he had traveled in a car from Carletonville to Moscow, passing through South Africa, Namibia, Angola, the Congo, Zaire, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypy, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Russia. And then Lysenko made a series of lifting by various planes to the stratosphere (to the height of 11-16,5 km). Difference of altitudes on this route (from the mine bottom to the stratosphere) was 3.5 + 16.5 = 20 kilometers (12 mi), and difference of temperatures 58º+ |-56º| = 114ºС.

Circumnavigation on a bicycle

The start was in Vladivostok (Russia) in 2006. Lysenko has ridden 41,800 kilometers (26,000 mi) on a bicycle. He has cycled via 29 countries - Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco (and Western Sahara), São Tomé and Príncipe, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, the United States, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, North Korea.

Circumnavigation along the equator

Lysenko had circumnavigated the globe from west to east, straying no more than two degrees of latitude from the Equator. Starting in Libreville (Gabon), Vladimir had successfully crossed (in a car, a motor boat, a yacht, a ship, a kayak, a bicycle, and by foot) Africa (from Libreville (Gabon) to Kiunga (Kenya) through Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Kenya), Indian Ocean, Indonesia (from Padang to Biak), Pacific Ocean, South America (from Pedernales (Ecuador) to Macapa (Brazil) through Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil) and Atlantic Ocean with finish in Libreville in 2012.

Vladimir visited all 195 countries – UN members and observers.

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